I’m a composer, musician & artist. I’m interested in the cosmos and our place within it, and our shared human experience. I live on the south coast of Wexford (Ireland) with my daughter.

I began my musical life in my early teens as a singer and songwriter with a zeal for experimentation. Over the years I became drawn to more abstract areas of music & sound art, and exploring the many ways sound has been used throughout the ages for artistic expression.

Recent projects include Sounding Seams - a metal sound sculpture, installation, & song cycle inspired by Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres hypothesis; Clang Sayne – my four-piece band with whom I play my songs with, and which I set up to explore the line between song and ‘free’ improvisation, Sleep Piece for Julia – a contemporary classical composition, exploring sleep patterns, inspired by my infant daughter’s sleep, and commissioned by Crash Ensemble; and Wildsong Ensemble – an experimental choir, exploring our innate ability to sing, harmonise and improvise with each other.

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“musical alchemist Laura Hyland explores the hidden paths connecting contemporary folk, avant-pop, improvisation and acoustic abstraction. A singular, defiantly independent voice.” — Cormac Larkin, Irish Times